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One of the most fascinating steps in the Customer Journey is Trial. It’s when someone is ready to buy but not quite ready to sign up and they need teasing in.

Essentially, it’s a way for a prospective client to try what you do. More often they are sampling the service they will receive. It’s in this Trial stage where they make a serious commitment to becoming a client, it’s a stepping stone to the bigger picture.

In many cases the Trial isn’t thought out. Businesses rely too heavily on social media or networking to ‘sell’ their big purchase. People need time to consider their options, having a Trial Product or Trial Service does this. They can sample first with either a free or paid Trial.

Free Trial

A good enquiry process for example, comes under a free Trial as they are sampling your business for the first time. They ring up and everything is handled perfectly, from phone call to follow up. This is the perfect stepping stone.

Paid Trial

A paid workshop could be something a potential client to try. It’s still a Trial as they are getting a taste of the expertise they will receive. They can review and take away what they have learned from an experienced professional, without signing a contract.

A Stand Out Trial

This is when a business really makes a difference by doing something to wow their clients. A Seriously Smart Sample came with a brilliant gesture from a decorating and home furnishing company. Ordering samples from their website was easy. What arrived was just genius.

It’s wasn’t just a ‘Please find enclosed your paint samples’ sent in a brown envelope. It was an envelope with ‘Are you ready to fall in love …’  I couldn’t wait to open it!

Inside wasn’t just an A4 invoice with their logo, it was a lovely letter headlined ‘Your love story has begun! On top of this, a quirky message about my ‘excellent taste’ and how they are sure ‘it will look amazing’. And when it does they prompted, could I share or leave a review.

I loved this approach in Graham & Brown’s Customer Journey! So wowed was I, that I did indeed share it, on LinkedIn and Twitter with photographs to show off their clever messages. Their Trial before I became a customer. What I also liked about it was the standard of the delivery, the envelope and letter were presented beautifully. All wrapped up, the experience was special, unique and relatable to them.

What a memorable start to my customer journey with Graham & Brown’s team and products. Not only that but I will keep on sharing!




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