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This is what I refer to a lot when working with clients. If you work out where your prospects heads are and what they are looking for, it makes it easier to sell to them. They have problems and struggles that need fixing, you have the product or service to take the headache away. And delight them in the process

Once you know the problems and the fixes, you can spin this into sales messages in conversations, in copy and call to actions.

Quite simply:

Work out what your clients Pains are.

Describe what you give them.

Highlight the Gains they will receive from what you give them.

Here’s an example of Doo’s:

PainsBusiness owners find marketing confusing, overwhelming and often they don’t know where to start.

We create the marketing strategy, the marketing plan and get things done to grow their business. We specialise in the customer journey and the customer experience to attract AND retain clients.

Gains It gives them clarity in their marketing, confidence in their marketing spend and a plan to get more of the clients they want to work with.

If you work on the power of three and script it until if flows, even better!

Like this … our clients go from 1) confused 2) overwhelmed 3) not knowing where to start

To being given 1) clarity 2) confidence 3) a plan

Your turn!

Tips you can doo:

  1. List three Pains – their problems
  2. Describe the service or product that will help
  3. Highlight three Gains – the fixes (and delights they will love you for!)

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