The Doo Method™

Full Programme

Our 6-12 month programme where we’ll co-create and implement a full customer journey system.

This is where we really get to work, creating a 6-12 month marketing strategy and plan based around your 6 step customer journey. We can either doo it with you, by coaching you through the process, or we can do it for you, providing a full implementation service.

Using our 6 step Doo Method™, we’ll help you build the right foundations and systems to create an unrivalled customer experience.

After the taster workshop our clients are fizzing with ideas and actions, each one bursting with the potential of a much larger project, from implementing CRM systems, to automating email workflows, setting up quarterly account management calls to delighting people with one-off gifts and welcome packs.

But we all know that these projects fall to the bottom of the pile, when work takes over the customer journey planning suffers. This is where our full programmes comes in, let us do the heavy lifting for you and take on the task of creating a beautifully planned and orchestrated customer experience.

Over 6-12 months, we’ll either help you doo it, by coaching your team and creating accountability with regular meetings and brainstorm sessions, or by doing it for you, helping to implement the entire plan so you can get on with work. Either way, you emerge with an amazing customer experience that wows people day-after-day, without fail. The kind of service level that people just love to shout about and tell other people, creating a revolving door of advocates and raving fans. It ain’t what you doo, it’s the way that you doo it!

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Our Coaching Programme

This is where we doo it with you, becoming a customer journey coach and providing accountability every month. We’ll meet regularly to discuss progress on your plan, chase up actions and ensure projects are actually moving.

It’s the perfect programme for a highly engaged team who are eager to implement things themselves, but need guidance to ensure it’s being done properly. Using a range of systems and processes, we’ll coach and guide your team in creating customer touchpoints, tweaking steps in the journey, implementing new technology and creating comms to maximise marketing and the customer experience.

Our Implementation Programme

This is where we doo it for you, becoming your outsourced customer experience partners. We’ll do all the heavy lifting helping to actually get things done. We’ll liaise with suppliers such as designers, software companies and CRM specialists to get your customer journey systems up and running.

We’ll constantly tweak and amend the journey touchpoints until they’re working perfectly. We’ll meet regularly to report on progress and we’ll be your customer experience guardians. It’s the way we doo things.

The Full Doo Method™

Each of the 6 steps creates discussion points, brainstorming activities and a raft of ideas and actions. Our full 6-12 month programme allows you and your team to fully immerse yourself in the model, living and breathing your customer’s journey. Truly putting yourself in their shoes, enhancing the customer experience with each step. It’ll help you see things from a different perspective, and we’ll be your coach to ensure changes are being made at pace and that the initial buzz of your customer journey workshop isn’t lost. Remember, marketing isn’t just about winning clients, it’s about not losing clients. Which step of the journey are you falling down on the most?

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Marianne has developed her knowledge, skills and expertise around the whole customer journey & customer experience, linking this approach to the practical requirement of ensuring that businesses focus their marketing (and sales) activity in the key areas that customers value and respond to.

She is commercial, she is operational, she is professional, but best of all, she genuinely is THE most expert practitioner in her field that I have ever had the pleasure of working with and recommending to clients.

Nick BramleyImpactus Group

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