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One of the first things I noticed as I walked into a meeting room recently was a box with neon blocks inside. The blocks made up of the words ‘STAND OUT’. It was ideally placed in a space staff, clients and visitors use. For me, it related directly to the team and what the company wanted to share with those in the room. The team that strives to give exceptional Customer Experience in everything they do.

The statement was a testament to everyone at FASTSIGNS of Leeds who were truly STAND OUT in Doo’s Customer Journey Workshop, addressing each stage with the added value they could give.

A warm welcome by Andy SimpsonChris Simpson, and their incredibly friendly and enthusiastic team started a great day as we mapped out their Customer Journey in two workshops. We had two so we could split and mix the teams to include different departments. As we progressed through each workshop, I sensed every touchpoint was delivered in a way that impressed clients and prospects. The team had lots of stories and ideas to share, all of which added to the relationships they had built over many years with their current clients. This in turn leading to referrals (their number one lead generation) and Google Reviews (to encourage more enquiries).

The length of service from the team, the long standing relationships and the fact they are super busy now, shows the Customer Experience runs through everything they do. This is how they do business and get more from those they want to work with.

FASTSIGNS’ strapline is ‘Make Your Statement’ and they certainly do that. I was happy to share this story on LinkedIn and encourage everyone in need of signage to get to FASTSIGNS Leeds and witness the service in person.

Then go tell everyone else!

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