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In a conversation with a new business associate recently, we talked about marketing. We then moved onto the Customer Experience.

The interesting thing was how quickly he went from marketing to sharing three stories of experiences he’d had with businesses. All three are well known and with huge engines of marketing and sales behind them.

What was really interesting, was that he knew instantly how each terrible encounter could have been fixed. Simple changes in recording information, having a clear path to the next stage, introducing instructions or documents to help. Now, think about how many other clients are thinking the same.

If clients are noticing, even worse, can see what and how things need fixing, what does this say about their experience. What does this mean when it continues and they become even more disillusioned. The door is wide open for other businesses to invite them in and keep them happy.

If 2023 is about sustaining in business or indeed for those with ambitious plans for growth, then marketing, sales and the Customer Experience have to work together. Mapping out the journey, ironing out the gaps and adding value is where I know we will all win this year and beyond.

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