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Too busy for marketing?

08 May 2015,   By

A common problem with busy business owners “we just don’t have any more time in the day to think about the next stage”.

One of our newest clients summed it up. As a small business with staff to sort, finance to manage, products to sell, he just didn’t have time to think “how do I keep the clients we’ve got and how do we find ones just like them?” For him it was structure and buy in he needed “I just want help in organising my marketing, not have fits and starts. I want my staff behind it too as it’s all down to me and I just don’t have the time so it never gets done”. Sound familiar?

Just talking through your ideas and aspirations with an expert can help. If you’re a SME, growing owner managed business with a Director trying to do everything, then this is a good place to start. Take away one headache and get peace of mind your business is growing with a little help, clarity and drive. A good marketer will help you with marketing strategy, sort a workable communications plan and find the right team to work on branding, website, SEO or whatever it takes to beat the competition and grow the business you deserve.

If the man in the picture looks familiar then you need Doo. De clutter your head and get focused on growing your business. Start reaping the rewards of what clever marketing can do to make you look and sound better to clients you want to work with. We not only work on the marketing plan with you, we can take it away and get on with all of it for you.

Ask us how, get in touch today and let’s start with a desk and head tidy as priority. Doo Marketing 0113 869 0107.

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